13 Types of Girls you should Avoid

In general, men are looking first for physical attraction at a woman. But they don't know that behind this appearance its hiding something worst.


4. Insecure girl


  • She is very nice and treats men very well but she suffers by frustration
  • Is wracked by anxiety about making the wrong decision
  • She has to think twice about what to do, what to wear, where to go, what to eat
  • She needs constant reassurance that she’s attractive and worries incessantly

5. Stupid girl

Photo by flickr user ღ ♠ Aegir ♠ ღ, used under the creative commons licenese BY 2.0.
  • This type of girl likes to speak a lot but she doesn’t say nothing smart
  • She likes to say always gossips about the others, but when you want to talk something important with her, she is not able to make conversation.

6. Uptown girl


  • She is very rich
  • Everything she has is better than yours and she wants to make sure that you know it
  • She only dates the best of best
  • Is entirely focused on herself
  • She is very selfish, self-indulgent grown up as ” daddy’s little girl”
  • Needs to be constant center of attention no matter what she does or where she goes.

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